Meet Leslie... 

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Sessions with Anthony have literally saved my life. I feel fantastic and can not express how grateful I am that I found Anthony. He has helped me change my body, outlook and life.


Hi my name is Lesley, in 2014 I was almost 8 stone overweight (over 110lb), I had a rare form of arthritis that stopped me from placing weight on my right foot, I suffered from back and knee pain and struggled to walk and move daily. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt helpless regarding my health and weight. That however wasn’t my reason for trying to find help with a Personal Trainer…


The motivation to seek support and guidance happened when my only daughter announced that she was pregnant. I imagined the type of grandparent I would like to be. And in my current situation I could barely walk. I wanted to be able to play with my grandson, carry him, run and have fun. I was fed up with my weight and health limiting my life and wouldn’t let it ruin my time with him. So I searched and found Anthony online. He seemed kind, relatable and experienced.


I remember the first time I met Anthony. He was asking me lots of questions I didn’t expect and got me talking openly about why I wanted to change and what I wanted to be able to do. I had just seen an advert for insanity at the time and remember thinking, that’s what I wanted to be able to achieve. I wanted to be able to jump, kick, punch… I wanted to be super fit and of course a lot slimmer. I had my own realistic diet plan that Anthony tweaked for me. All was going great, I lost a couple of stone very quickly. But during a training session by myself, I wasn’t concentrating on my technique and… twang… My hip twisted. I could barely walk for days due to the pain.

I felt I needed a one to one with Anthony. After a quick assessment he asked me to try a few exercises and reduced the pain by around 90% in just minutes. He assigned me some home stretches and that was it, I was back to my normal self in just days. In fact I was even more focused. 


Don’t get me wrong, even though I have lost all of my extra weight barring my last 4lb, every time I feel like I am losing focus, Anthony comes and tweaks my training, changes my plan, make new suggestions and bang, I am back on it, reinvigorated and refocused. Now I am fitter than I have EVER been. In less than a year I am slimmer than I have ever been, I can now do the same exercise that I saw in the insanity programme, I have no pain in my back knees and only very mild pain in my foot. I can run, jump, kick, punch… I feel fantastic and can not express how grateful I am that I found Anthony. He has helped me change my body, outlook and life.

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