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Each of us have a formula that will work to our ‘exact needs and wants’; one that makes healthy living and working out fit into your life. A formula that means you can become your healthiest, strongest and leanest. A formula that gives you the ability to own your health and fitness and keep consistent with it long term. What I do is code this formula into your life so you can feel optimal and get the most out of every day. In essence the code has two main components. As a personal trainer and online health coach, I first do a full assessment of your current health, looking at everything from diet to circadian rhythm. Then the second area is about you, your goals and your life. Then I create a plan that addresses your needs, wants and life to ensure the code works for you long term. Take the quick quiz below to see what health and fitness package would suit you.

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Get support, guidance and motivation to exercise so you can transform your body, get fitter and healthier in a way that suits you. From core strengthening exercises, early stage weight loss exercises, muscle mass exercises and key targeted stretches; we'll adapt it to what your body needs most as you develop and get stronger. You'll get a Personal Training programme to suit your fitness, body goals and lifestyle. You can do this in person in Orpington, Bromley, Kent and Online.


With online health coaching you'll learn how you can master your own body, understanding what you need to eat or how you need to exercise to build a long term healthy lifestyle via coaching and educating. From stretching, deep breathing, cooking, nutrition, hormones, daily routines, exercising, sleep and your personal objectives... we will improve your health and wellness in a holistic manner according to your goals. 

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Anthony Delamare

Hi, I'm Anthony Delamare

I started my career as a personal trainer and health coach in a very non-conventional way. I wasn’t the fit, slim kid in school, quite the opposite in fact. I wasn’t naturally sporty with a tan and a six pack and I didn’t get into to personal training from having a natural physical gift. I was the kid that conveniently didn’t have his gym kit for a whole year to save the embarrassment of the changing rooms. I come from a place where I know what it’s like to struggle with food, struggle with weight and health. In saying that, I have found a solution...




I've been working with Anthony doing online personal training for over 11 years and he's changed my life! At the age of 61 I'm now fitter, stronger, leaner and much happier and he's supported me to maintain that.

Jonathan Dove
Opera Composer

I’ve been having 2 -3 sessions a week of online health coaching with Anthony for a few years now and I absolutely love it! He provides a continuous progression and after every session I feel better about myself.

Dean Baker 
Football Agent

After the first few months I’d lost a stone, started increasing my muscle mass and just felt so much better. It’s his commitment to me that motivates me to keep going and achieving my goals.

Matt Spicer


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