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I went from imbalanced, over weight and unhappy, to looking great, feeling great and thinking positive.

Eleanor Summer - Manager

I was looking for an online personal trainer and I came across Anthony's site. Before I met Anthony I was overweight, I had so many health problems and I'd never been able to sustain an exercise programme for the long term. I've been working with Anthony for over 11 years now and he has changed my life for the better! At the age of 61 I'm now fitter, stronger, leaner, more active and much happier and he's supported me to maintain that.

Jonathan Dove
Opera Composer

I’ve been trained and mentored by Anthony it my home in Orpington for 3 years now. I found Anthony online and I was drawn to him due to his fitness experience and his all-round knowledge of well being and nutrition too. I’ve been having 2 -3 sessions a week and I absolutely love it! He provides a continuous progression and after every session I feel better about myself.

Dean Baker
Football Agent

I've worked with Anthony for 4 years now and his approach really works for me. He takes a look at all of your problems and then looks at the bigger issues and helps to find the cause of the pain and provide tailored solutions. I do a mixture of virtual and online training and personal training at home in Bromley, this works well for me. He's more than just your average personal trainer; he's a great all-round health coach and will change your life for the better.

Trina Smith
Music Manager and PT

When I got to the age of 50 I didn’t really feel great about myself so I found Anthony online, and after chatting to him I was immediately impressed with the depth of his knowledge. He's been my trainer now for about 4 years and after the first few months I’d lost a stone, started increasing my muscle mass and just feeling so much better. It’s his commitment to me that gives me the momentum to keep going and achieving my goals.

Matt Spicer

Anthony's been helping me for the last 9 months now and when he first started helping me I was close to 18 stone and the heaviest I'd ever been, and I lacked the energy to even play with my kids. I knew I needed to make changes and get the help to do it the right way. I'm now 14.5 stone and feeling better than ever thanks to Anthony's guidance, support and persistence with me in my healthy weight loss journey. See Fabio's transformation below.

Fabio Manifrato


Month 1                                      Month 9                                   Month 10                                       Month 12                                      

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Ready to get in shape in 2023?

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