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Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

Change Your Body Shape & Build Muscle

 What's involved? 

If you are confused about how to gain muscles and lose fat then this is the right programme for you. Not only will I help you with your food and workout programme for the results you are looking for, I will build a plan that works with your life, your dietary needs and your physical needs (to help prevent injuries).


This means you will not just get faster results; you will avoid many of the common issues that others face with a bad reaction to their diets, with injuries for heavy lifting and with constant training plateaus that stop people from getting results.


So, if you want to get bigger, leaner and stronger than you have ever been then contact me and lets get your transformation started.

Lifting Kettlebells

What's included in this package?

Movement and optimal physique assessment


Postural and core strength assessment


7 factors to optimal nutrition assessment


Bespoke diet plan x 2 (one for growth and one for shredding)


Bespoke Exercise plan x 2 (one for growth and one of cutting)


Body comp assessments x 3 (to measure muscle and fat)


5 one to one training sessions for fitness programme and exercise technique

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