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Meet Fabio

Meet Fabio

​“I used to watch men get out of breath after running around for 20 minutes, but now that person's me”...


Month 1                                      Month 9                                   Month 10                                       Month 12                                      

"Having children is a shock to the system. Sleep, health and energy are washed down the drain and the only thing I gained (apart from unconditional love and great kids) was 5 extra stone in weight. So that is when I looked online and found Anthony and decided that I needed the help of someone that looks at the whole picture, to look at what I needed to do, what would help me in my life and keep me in a better place for the long term’. 

I remember doing the measurements at the start and my body mass index was in the obese category and I felt shocked but then thought “well how accurate is the BMI anyway”! That was until he then measured my waist and then told me I am in the high risk factor. That was the moment when it really hit home for me. I had a young family and I needed to be there for them. So, I decided at that moment I was not going to quit. I was going to eat every healthy meal and snack and do my exercises no matter what it takes. That is what I did and what I am still doing. It was hard, sometimes it took so much mental willpower, especially when the kids had a bad night. But Anthony helps you to get through it and keep you motivated which really helps.

I noticed within the first week that my energy was much better. Normally I would get home from work and feel exhausted and shout at the kids or get stressed easily. That was not happening. I was coming home and had more energy and had a better mood too. I was a better dad, partner and work colleague just from eating better and exercising regularly. By the second week working with Anthony I noticed my focus at work had shifted. I had an incomplete project that was 3 years overdue. I started plugging away at it and resolved a giant backlog in a matter of days. Anthony gave me a habit tracker booklet and it was a game changer, it helped me keep consistent and focused. In the past I would start a new exercise routine or diet plan but life would get in the way and I would struggle to keep up with it. But a simple book helped me track my behaviour and keep focused even while the world went through a pandemic. In truth, I’m not quite where I want to be yet but I am around 13.7lb, so have lost 4.3 stone in 9 months and I feel brilliant. He was right, my energy, mood and health were all linked; when I changed the way I moved, slept, drank and ate it changed my entire life.

It’s 9 months on now and I now know that to gain control of my life and with a little continued and dedicated effort amazing things can happen. I still have sessions with Anthony to help me to maintain my new healthier lifestyle and lighter weight and I'm sure I will do so for the rest of my life!"


Note from Anthony:

"Fabio, was perhaps your typical 37 year old Dad with two young kids and a full-time job. He had other priorities that trumped his own health and fitness. He told me there was a time when he would run 3 times per week, play football twice and ate healthily. Back then when he was in his early twenties he was 12.5 stone which was his ideal weight for his height and had no issues with his body. Things like trying on clothes and liking the way they looked were normal.


Fast forward 7 years and Fabio’s weight was 17 stone and 10 pounds (just 4lb away from 18 stone). That is over 5 stone heavier. Slowly but surely by gaining a pound per month he ended up in a place where he was very unfit and uncomfortable in his body.


During our consultation he was extremely uncomfortable, easily out of breath and struggled with his body, mood, energy, sleep and concentration. He was in a bad place with his health and the quality of his life. He told me that he was often grumpy and too tired to play with the kids and instead found himself easily agitated. I explained in our consultation that that’s not him, it’s his hormones, diet and lifestyle that was causing those issues including his mood and that it would change after just a couple of weeks of regular exercise and healthy eating. Now, I am pleased to say that he is nearly back to his ideal weight with only around 10lb left to lose. Just a couple more months and he will be there. My job is to help find the right formula, to identify what someone wants and what they need and create the plan that works and keep them focused on being consistent with that plan. Fabio has been exactly that and as a result is reaping the rewards and feeling fitter than he did in his 20's. Last note, he now runs for 15 miles on a regular basis without even getting tired. Not my prescription, but what an impressive turn around from the man who was breathless walking up the stairs just 9 months ago. People like Fabio are the reason I love my job".


Fabio in 2022

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