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The Full Commitment Plan

 Are you committed to get and stay fit? 

 What's involved? 

Fitness starts in your mind.  Ask any athlete or fit person what the number one secret is to their success at fitness, and they will tell you it is commitment. Commitment means that you are in it for the long haul. 


When it comes to transforming your life, it takes breaking a lot of bad habits and installing a new collection of healthy habits to make you leaner, healthier, fitter and stronger. To do this successfully it’s essential to get the right plan for your body and goals. There's no real short-term quick fix here; you need to really commit and be ready for the changes we must make. 


It’s also essential that you have support from me to help you maintain consistency and focus for a longer duration of time. This plan is a full under taking and you will get the very best of my skills as a holistic health and nutrition coach and fitness trainer; I'll be working with you to make sure that your bespoke plan gets the results and your mindset stays focused and motivated until the right habits become second nature.


If you are only 'babbling' in the idea of transforming your fitness then this probably isn't the package for you. If you know that now is the time to truly transform you body and life, then get in contact and I will help you take control of your health and fitness once and for all. 


Physical fitness depends on consistency. And consistency requires commitment. It takes consistent, regular and appropriate exercise to cause your body to make the changes that bring about habitual fitness. Are you ready to fully commit? Why begin if you're not right?!


What's included in this package?

In person physical assessment​ (posture, mechanics, fitness)

One to one personal coaching sessions (2 hours each) x 5

Weekly training & tracking session – workouts & results x 12 (or 24)


Weekly mindset and progression call x 12 (30 minutes each)

Personalised Diet Plan and Recipe Guide

Online Resources area access and private account area

Personalised Exercise Plan

“I was at a wedding and I told myself I looked okay, but then I saw the photos. Wow! I was the biggest I had ever been and the pictures looked terrible. With a one year old girl I started to become concerned about what type of Dad I was going to be. Plus, with the GP telling me I was two chocolate bars away from diabetes I knew had to start my journey"...

Minesh - 38

client before and after

 ...The good news was I lost weight really fast, 5lb per week nearly every week, it was easy for a while. But, then it started to slow down, I started to become disheartened because I wasn’t near my goal yet. I had to lose 13 stone. Basically I had to be half the man I was before. A friend told me about this guy who was helping people lose weight, eat healthy, change their bodies fast and holistically and keep it long term. I decided this was the type of person I needed to help me; someone that wouldn’t just tell me to train harder and lead me to injury.

I have to be honest, I had read up a lot about weight loss and thought I had a very good grasp on it, I come from a family that has many doctors so I was informed. When I met Anthony he told me down to almost the cellular level what was happening in my body when I eat or train a certain way. It was very interesting. But, what I needed to do to get results. We decided on the longer term full commitment package because I knew I needed to fully commit to get the changes. He lived up to his word, he would tell me how my body would change, I would be able to lift this amount in kilograms, loss these pounds, gain this amount of muscle. Each week he would measure my body fat and muscular development and each week I followed the plan and I kept losing the weight.


Then came my brothers stag do. Now, I am not a big drinker but I will drink a lot when I am out with friends and this was 7 days of nonstop alcohol! It turned out I gain weight even faster than I lose it! My fat jumped up massively; my weight went up by two stone in fact. It was very depressing, I had undone 6 weeks of work in 7 days. Anthony met and told me how we were going to deal with it and a week later all the “emergency weight” as he calls it was gone again. I wasn’t starving myself either, just eating the food and following the exercise plan he set out.. Back on track! Back to being motivated and determined...


All was going great again and I was just a couple more stone away from my target of 13 stone weight loss and… Rip. I turned my knee rigorously during a game of badminton and tore my ACL (the ligament in my knee). I was told to do no exercise for 8 weeks and this was 8 weeks away from my photoshoot I'd planned. So Anthony stepped in again, assessed the damage, gave me some simple exercises to rehabilitate my knee faster. Three weeks later I was back on track and pushing it again. I reached the photo shoot with only 6lb to go, considering I had gained 2 stone and couldn’t work out for three weeks it was incredible I got this close.

Perhaps I would have found a way to lose weight without Anthony, but he doesn’t guess, he listens to what I want, learns about my life, looks at my body and applies a holistic and scientific approach. I got the results, loved the training and now I live to eat and exercise the healthy way thanks to this full commitment package.

Minesh - 38


Active Man

Ready to commit?

 3 Months Commitment:

Pay In Full (discounted): £1650 or 3x monthly: £590

 6 Months Commitment:

Pay In Full (discounted): £1900 or 3x monthly: £695

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