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The Lifestyle Plan

Learn To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle in 2022

 What's involved? 

If you're fed up of trying things and not ever getting the results you want then this plan is for you.

Instead of reading generic information online, you will go through a full assessment with me to work out what areas of your health need to be improved. This will include areas such as stress, hormones, the 7 factors of optimal nutrition, sleep, digestive health, postural and movement to find out your needs.


Then I will work with you in your home to help teach you what your body needs to achieve optimal health and longevity so that you learn exactly how to be your healthiest.​ This plan comes with personalised audio plans to help remind you and educate you about what you need to do to achieve your ideal health and physical happiness too.


You will get a full diet plan, including personalised recipes, a lifestyle plan (including audios for better health), and an exercise plan for better movement, strength, tone, balance and posture. And of course I will run through exactly what you need to do and see you through it for 3 months until it becomes second nature.

Outdoor Fitness

What's included in this package?

One to one intensive run through x 2 hours


Goal setting coaching session x 1 hour


Full MOT health assessment x 90 minutes


Personalised programmes including: Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle – goal dependant)

Initial Measurements (body fat & musculature) and 3 tracking sessions 


One to one education sessions on diet, exercise and lifestyle factors x 3 (2 hours each, may include workouts, food prep and cooking, meditation and more – needs dependant).


Bi-Weekly Accountability sessions x 6 (30 minutes)


Personalised Audio and video content for your lifelong review

“Anthony made me realise the long-term effects were going to be bad news if I stayed the way I was. I'd never been able to stay motivated before but he kept me focused when I was ready to give up. I sleep better, look better, feel better, think better and as a result I feel more in control of my health and I have a much better quality of life."

Kurt - 33

client before and after

If I’m not acting, I’m writing or filming and producing and working on sets, but they all have one thing in common... I am eating bad food and have no routine of exercise or healthy eating. In fact, I find it hard to sleep the days before and after. As a result of this lack of balance in my job it had created a lack of health in my life.


When I first met Anthony, he asked me a collection of questions to gauge what I needed to work on. For me, I was failing in every area, I was eating fast food, I was not moving much and spending hours staying stationary. I was 2 stone overweight and that had happened in just 1 year.


I decided to contact him after seeing my Dad who suffers with extremely poor health from a life of over consumption of the wrong food and drink and lack of movement. I decided that I was not going to let that story be me. I am not going to lie, its hard work to establish habits when I do not have a routine or when all of a sudden, my routine changes. However, when I started, I decided to stay consistent using Anthony’s habit tracker programme – which makes you track and stick to key habits – for 3 months. That's the best I've done at sticking to anything!


Now after working with Anthony I know what I need to keep doing by myself. I do not always have time to complete everything I need to do, but I am able to stick to 80% of it even when I am working longer hours. I haven't just lost some weight though. I sleep better, look better, feel better, think better and as a result I feel more in control of my health and I have a much better quality of life. No-one likes being the breathless guy walking up the stairs.


For me, I knew what I needed to do; I needed to eat better, sleep at the same times each day, drink more water and move more. The difference is I never had the time or motivation to be consistent. That’s what Anthony did so well, he made me realise the long-term effects were going to be bad news and kept me focused when I was ready to give up. I will also go back to Anthony whenever I need to refocus. He really looks at ‘you’ deeply and gives you exactly what you need.


Kurt - 34


Active Man

Ready to lead a  healthier lifestyle in 2022?

Pay In Full (discounted): £700

or 3x installments: £225

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