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Health Coaching & Lifestyle Training

Online Health and Fitness Coach: Learn how you can master your own body by understanding what you need to eat or how you need to exercise to build a long-term healthy lifestyle via coaching and educating. From stretching, deep breathing, cooking, nutrition, hormones, daily routines, exercising, sleep and your personal objectives; we will improve your health and wellness in a holistic manner according to your goals and your individual body needs.

How it Works

Step 1

Initial Consultation Assessment:

If you're looking for a health and fitness coach in Orpington or Bromley, or even online sessions, then I'm here to help. Health coaching plans will begin with an initial assessment where we discuss your overall lifestyle and goals. This is a tailored approach and therefore what you want to get from these sessions will heavily influence the structure of the coaching. For example, common goals can be weight loss, body transformations, stress reduction or fitness improvements but when we really dig deeply into a persons lifestyle we can start to see the key areas that need work in order to reach this goal and optimum health and happiness.

Step 2

Plans and Schedule:

A personalised lifestyle, nutrition and exercise plan is put into place to include regular face-to-face or online health coaching sessions to help you to reach your goals and learn how to lead this healthier life. From stretching, injury support, deep breathing, cooking, nutrition, hormones, stress, daily routines, habit formation, gut health, exercising, sleep, and your personal goals... we will improve your health and wellness in a holistic manner to meet your objectives.

Step 3

Learning, Support and Assessment:

Our coaching and catch-up sessions aim to dig deep into each focus area that needs work and show you how to develop a better approach that works for you and your lifestyle so that you are able to maintain this in the long term. 

orpington before and after
bromley before and after

Who's this for?

This is an ideal for those wanting to develop all-round better health and well being and learn how to maintain this for the long term. Health coaching aims to dive deeply into your lifestyle and health and provide a bespoke route to ensure that you meet your goals. You see, when clients feel fit and healthy, when they feel good inside themselves, they have access to the energy, mental capacity and emotional strength they need to make changes in other important areas of their life such as in their relationships and at work. If you feel that you need that extra bit of support and guidance to get your health back on track then this is for you.

Bespoke Plans

A 'one-size-fits-all' approach simply does not work for many of us and we need guidance that works for us and only us. With all of the health coaching plans I will create you 3 x bespoke plans to help to improve your health. These will include a personalised nutrition plan and recipe guide, exercise plan and a lifestyle plan.  Each one is tailor made to each individual client’s goals and lifestyle requirements. This, combined, with regular coaching, training and education sessions helps you to understand how to lead a healthy life. 

Coaching plan

What's Involved?

Online Health Coaching and Lifestyle Training is a bespoke and customisable service in order to find your unique code; i.e what it takes for you to become the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of yourself. We're all different, therefore, how we improve must also be designed to perfectly suit our needs.

The process will begin with an initial consultation session to determine your goals, lifestyle and areas of focus and this will be followed up with personalised plans and coaching sessions to support and teach you 'how' to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our online or in-person coaching sessions will focus on you and your lifestyle and a support package will be created based on your initial lifestyle assessment and goals.


This could range from exercise support, cooking and nutrition lessons, personalised recipes and diet plans, mindfulness and deep breathing exercises to reduce stress, weight loss support and accountability, fitness training, personalised exercise routines and more.

Free Consultation

Lifestyle and Health Assessment

On-going Support & Motivation

Personalised Lifestyle Plan

Bespoke Diet & Nutritional Plan

Bespoke Exercise Programme

1:1 Coaching Sessions Tailored to You

Ready to start?

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